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Why you are the king of the world

Your world

Yah, just chilling at home at the moment.  Finally got broadband internet installed. Watching NBA while typing this so may have some typos.

Watching a laker game.  For kobe.  Kobe’s a beast.  Loooove kobe. but why are we so fascinated with celebrities and athletes?  I think it’s because they live in their own bubble, making everyone else around them seem insignificant.  But it’s because of this they are then put on a pedestal.

I believe you can be a celebrity yourself too.

At the end of the day, it’s your life. it’s your world.  You are the king/queen in your world.  And you should act like one!

Go out have fun.

Create your own bubble, your own aura.

This is why so many people admire celebrities.  Because of their life style, their fame, and the fact they seem to always have fun.

So be like one! Who cares if people don’t like you or don’t agree with you.  Be the star of your own world.  Everyone else is there to support you.  Supporting roles.

Relax and have fun

Admittedly i am pretty bad in this aspect.  I do go get massages now.  But maybe it’s just my personality, but i do get lazy sometimes.  I am too lazy to plan.  As a result there are weekends where I just bum at home.  Which is not to say is bad, but i think by going out, chilling with friends and meeting new people will definitely brighten your life up.

me and my cousin haha

Find your passion

I think it’s an important trait to have.  To have something you are really passionate about.  For me, my passion is being exposed to new things every day.  Be it new people, new environment, new culture.  I constantly need change, because when things are in a status quo,  well it just gets dull.

Reach out

I do this quite a lot.  I do try to reach out to people I haven’t talked to in a while.  I think this allows you to reconnect with people you once were close to be drifted, due to time, distance, changes in life.  It’s always good to just drop a hi though.




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