New Home

Mah New Digs

Ah been so busy this week moving.  For those that dont’ know, I’ve moved to my final home in Kwun Tong.  It’s a nice little place, but it still needs to be furnished.

It’s not as quiet as I initially thought LoL.  But that’s Hong Kong.  Damn construction at 7AM in the morning.  The wind is actually pretty strong up there too.  Regardless,  here’s a little sneak peak of my place (note this is not furnished yet!)

Mah new home

This is my living room.  I bought a TV already (thinking of getting a second one though, one that is bigger).  As you can see, I have one table and one chair haha.  I bought a table from Ikea already, so this one is only temporary.  This is only one half of my living room.  The other half is as follows:

The round table was left behind by the former tenant.  I have since removed this round table.  As mentioned above I have bought a new table from Ikea.

On the left you can see empty coke bottles which my dad insisted I should keep, as well as my two certificates proving I am somewhat competent.

This is my storage room lol.  May buy a mattress later.  Haven’t decided.  Right now its a place to keep my luggage.  Note the small TV on the ground.  It still useable!

My room.  Yes.  Very cozy.

View from mmy room…not much of a view i guess lol but the air quality is a little bit better I suppose?  The walk up to my place is hell though.

my seldom used kitchen lol.

Le toilette.

I’ll take more pictures later, like the bus I have to take (only a 5 minute ride and only costs abouyt 2.8 HKD, or the stairs of hell.

Anyways starting work soon, excited!  More to update later!


I think you’re so mean – I think we should try
I think I could need – this in my life
I think I’m just scared – I think too much
I know this is wrong it’s a problem I’m dealing


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