BMW MUSEUM! My favorite car brand!

Even though I have never owned one before hahaha…

Well it’s on my to buy list…like in 10 years..when I actually need a car.. and when I can afford it.

So what is there to do at the BMW Museum? Look at cars obviously….many cars here..



Our lovely guide explaining one of the many BMW cars.


This is a concept car. The body of the car is made of elastic materials. The objective is for the car to change shapes when driving, the wind will transform the body for more efficiency.

So Cool.

Also not for sales right now because it’s too damn expensive to make


Wow. This is a kick ass race car.




The BMW Museum offers a fascinating presentation of the company, brand and product history of BMW. About 125 of the brand’s most valuable and attractive automobiles, motorcycles and engines are displayed on a surface area of 5000 m². Background information on the exhibits is provided in German and English. – BMW museum

Wow…125 different brands That’ s a shit load of cars lol.




We then headed over to the dealership. And saw this awesome car:

Rolls Royce =)


This is where they buy the BMW cars and drive it out of the dealership. Apparently you have to paid a couple more thousand Euros to drive it from here. Part of the experience I guess?
I would do it too….it’s just that I have no money =p


Tiny car! Back in the olden days…two seater..haha.

It was a great time at this museum. Learnt a lot! And learning is always fun times right? haha.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 12 2016


  1. Very cool!! I would love to go there!
    I just got back from a car show in Savannah, Georgia where there were hundreds of European cars, including BMWs! I wrote a weekend snapshot. You should go check it out!!

      1. We stayed at the city center so thats probably why it was a bit expensive for me….but it is a popular city so yah! probably pretty expensive.

  2. I can see why you loved that museum. They have completely remodeled the museum kind of recently and did a good job I thought. Very luxurious. I visited there two years ago and loved it.

      1. You probably would love it. The road conditions in Germany are superb, drivers are well trained and it is a true pleasure to just drive. I hope you get to do it one day.
        Have you heard of “European delivery”? That is of course the ultimate. 🤗

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