Choi’s Cooking Episode 4 – Salmon and Sausages

haha okay, this is a odd combo I know.  Salmon and sausages? Well, if we can do steak and lobster, why can I not do salmon and sausages? My kitchen, my rules.

I also wanted to take a break from the usual steak / chicken combo, but since I needed protein I figure include sausages anyways.


You are probably thinking “what I am reading”.  Good point.  Your choice if you want to keep reading.  Sausages and salmon is like that odd couple you never think will work out, but they end up marrying happily ever after with a couple of great, smart kids.

Yes, meaning this was delicious.

I bought the salmon from the supermarket (duh).  This was my first time cooking salmon on a frying pan so I was a bit nervous.  Got some tips from my coworker.  I placed the salmon down (skin first) on the pan, cooking at low to medium heat.  I proceeded to stare at the salmon to see when it was half way done, and then turned it over to cook the other side.  I again stared at it like I was at a urinal, making sure my pee didn’t go onto my pants.  This meant I was focused.  Made sure the salmon wasn’t too burnt, but that it was thoroughly cooked.  flipped it once more for good measures.  Salmon was delicious.  I forgot, I added some salt and pepper in the beginning.

The sausages were much simpler.  I cut some slits, and just placed it on the pan on low heat.  Took about 10 minutes for the sausages to explode, which meant it was ready and cooked.

Telling you, you must try this combo out!!!



    1. lol true true. but i did google online, depending on the season frozen veggies may actually have more nutrients than the ones you get from the markets =p

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