Hong Kong


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! This is the season where company / department Christmas dinners happen, and happen it did.

The restaurant we went to this time was called Shelter Lounge, a modern bistro / lounge located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.  Actually it was kind of hard to get here even via cab, because the restaurant is located in a small alleyway.


We still found it.

We ordered a lot of food.  I mean a lot, but then we were trying to feed 5 people so I think that’s actually okay.

We ordered steak (of course, see above picture and below picture).


We ordered veggies (of course we did)


We ordered salad (of course we did) and my favorite the mushroom dish (of course that was my idea).


Yes my favorite was the mushroom dish, you read that right.  Not the steak but the mushroom dish.  I like mushrooms.

What’s unique about this dish is that you have to mix it with egg yolk, giving this interesting texture.  I love it.  But really, if the mushroom dish is already that good you know the rest of the food is going to be good.

They don’t sell alcohol here.  But no worries, there is a wine shop right beside the restaurant.  Free cork service!

There’s also a fridge full of beers, for you beer lovers (Me included).  We bought about 4 bottles of wine, and it was a tuesday night. Perfect way to start the week off yo!!



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