Hello Cat Town! We stumbled upon this cat cafe while walking through downtown, Gyeongju.  I guess it’s only natural for us to bump into a cat  cafe, given that I have an affection for cats (not in a, scary, stalkish way).

For KRW7000 (Less than 7USD) you get to play with 15+ cats, and also a drink.

Now that, sounds like a good deal to me.


I went with my colleague Pam from the UK, and at a first she was a bit overwhelmed.



The minute we sat down the cats bombarded us, taking over our bags, jackets, anything they can get their paws on.  These cats were really affectionate and not scared of humans (probably because they are in a cat cafe, used to humans by now).


I know some cats that are not affectionate, and will just hide when people arrive.

Now that would not have been fun.

but no, in this cat cafe they approached us, smelled us, and genuinely wanted us to pet them.  And so we did.  We spent about 3 hours, but not we didn’t spend the whole time just petting cats.  We also did some reading.

Yes I read.  I recently purchased a book called “How successful people grow”.  Pretty insightful, I will share some of the quotes from that book in some future posts.

What else did the cats do? A lot of sleeping.  Cats love to sleep.  I know because my own cat sleeps a lot at home.

4What a life.

I am jealous.  I wish I could just eat, play and then sleep.  Ah….some day..


  1. Aww, I love cat cafes! Unfortunately the one in my city closed a couple of months ago. We have just recently gotten a dog cafe though which I’m pretty happy with.

  2. This is so cute!! I have a pet cat and watching him makes me so envious of his life haha- all he does is eat, sleep, play and get daily massages and head scratches!

      1. haha i didn’t really use to like cats until i got one! they have a pretty bad rep compared to dogs 😦

    1. hahah is there such thing as a dog cafe?? A dog cafe would be more crazy and out of control though……you’d be spilling your coffee everywhereeeee

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