Me and the boys (AKA Nate, Justin and Hongmin) decided to have an all boys night out, which turned out to be 4 guys and one girl which technically mean’s it was not a boys night out.  The girl part came in because Alice moved back to Hong Kong, woohoo!  But whatever.  Can’t think of a better way to have an all boys dinner than to have SAUSAGES.  GERMAN SAUSAGES.  And PORK KNUCKLE.  and MEAT.  and of course.  BEER.



My god the beer deal was awesome at this place.  Happy hour lasts till 8PM, where 1 litre of beer only costs about HKD70 (less than USD10).  I think next time we should just skip the meat and just drink till we die.

But since we had one girl we had to order some food.  My favorite dish was the PORK KNUCKLE:


There were some complaints that the dish was too salty.  I don’t know.  I personally really liked it.

We also ordered STEAK (because we are men) and also some mac and cheese kind of dish.  Loved the mac and cheese.  I love cheese so that’s probably why I am giving a lot of love to it.  And for those that think it was the guys that ordered the mac and cheese dish at a German Restaurant you are so wrong.  The girl ordered it =p  Which I am thankful for because it was a good delicious dish.  Let’s look at the food shall we?4

The place is located at Wanchai, near the hopewell center so it shouldn’t bee too hard to find it.  Feeling kind of lazy (it’s a Saturday right now) so not going to search the address.  Just google it!!!!

Great place to chill with friends on a friday night!

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  1. Better than the cat cafe for me. Lol. I want some pork knuckles right about now, if only they have pork here in Doha.

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