After finishing a good meal (of course) at Busan, me and Pam were bored and had nothing to do.  So I decided to take initiative and googled what place would have a nice view of Busan.  And BAM!  Out came the Geumnyeon Mountain.  I was impressed by the night views that I was seeing so I knew I had to go.


Unfortunately I did not know how to get there, nor did the blog I was reading give any directions (yes….this post will also give no directions either lol).  So we just went back to the hotel.

But it doesn’t end here.

We went back to the hotel to ask concierge to tell the Taxi, where we wanted to go.  The taxi driver agreed to take us there but was hesitant to wait for us once we arrived at the mountain.  We wanted him to wait because there was no other way for us to head back down the mountain.  And we weren’t in the mood for camping, especially when it was -40 (or at least felt like it).  We agreed to paid him an extra 20K KRW, which was whatever.

So we went! And boy, was it cold!

But was alllll worth it =) Observe at these awesome photos:



Nice ehhhh.  There’s more photos on google so I highly suggest you to go look at some.

You know you have arrived when you see this pretty awesome looking tower:

Listen, you don’t have to come here with your girlfriend.  Come here with a bud! Come here by yourself with a book.

Just don’t come during the winter.  I was freezing my ass off. And…bring a nicer camera -.-




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