Another ramen post in Hong Kong!  One of my more favorite ramen chains, the Santouka Ramen can be found in a lot of locations.  The one I usually go to is the one at Isquare at TST.  Usually I come here because of a movie, but sometimes after work I’ll pop by if I don’t want to head home yet.  How did I come across this restaurant?  Cause of Joyce, who for some reason loves this restaurant.  or so I think.  She brought me here and I was happy nonetheless.


I usually order the pork ramen with the spicy soup base (it’s really not that spicy).  I would also add an egg, because I don’t get enough eggs in my life.

I will of course add an alcoholic beverage just to make the meal even sweeter.

Took another picture of the ramen meal, but at a different angle (sort of).


It’s a bit on the expensive side, as a bowl of ramen will cost about 110HKD (about 15 USD).  I have had ramen at similar price ranges, but I have to say this one is the best so far.  But then I am no Ramen Expertise so this could actually be one of the worse in the world of Ramen.  I really don’t know.

But it’s my taste buds, my money so I am going to eat where I want to =)

Christmas is also coming (actually it came and gone, shows how far back I am with my blogging posts hahah), and it’s super cold in Hong Kong.  I hope everyone bundles up because I’m not.  I am a Canadian, we invented the cold.

haha cheers.

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