Food For Thought

You Should Only Compare Yourself To The Person You Were Yesterday

Reading this book called “How Successful People Grow” by John Maxwell.  It’s a really good, easy read so I recommend it if you are looking for something to help yourself improve.

I am a big advocate of self improvement, as this is the only way we can grow.  As quoted in the book, growth is not automatic you have to take initiative, have an action plan and executive it in order to grow as a person.

But I find that a lot of times, when we try to grow we often try to compare ourselves to other people.

And when we do that we usually focus on our own short falls, and get discouraged.

But really, in this race called life there are only two competitors.

You and Yourself.

We should strive to not become better than the person beside us.

We should strive to become better than the what we were, yesterday.

So give it a try, think about what you did today and how you improved from yesterday.  Every little victory counts.

Encourage yourself.  Mistakes are the stepping stones to growth and your ultimate personal goal.

You should only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

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