Yep, another park that we visited while in Busan.  Don’t judge, they are all nice parks! Plus me and Pam were nearing our vacation (boooo) so we wanted to take in as much of Busan as possible.

Coming here the benefits were two fold – The first benefit was that this is one of the more popular montains in Busan, and it was located in downtown which meant it was really convenient for us.


The second benefit was that the Busan Tower is located right in the middle of the park.  We wanted to get some good shots of Busan, so coming here was a no brainer.


this was a short 15 minute walk from Jagalchi Market (fish market which again we were disappointed that it was open).  Really easy to get to, just get a map from your hotel and follow the directions there.

You will get it.

I am one of those people that can not read a map if my life depended, yet I was able to do it still.  So yes.  No worries.

We actually started off visiting the Busan Tower (because we were cold).  Must say I need to come here at night next time, because the shots during the day were already amazing, I can’t imagine how Busan would look at night.  Let’s look at a couple more pictures shall we:




You do need to pay to get into Busan tower, but it was really cheap.  Less than 10USD.  So just do it if this is your first time coming.  It’s about 120M high so it’s not really that tall, but since it’s located on top of the mountain you will get a superb view of Busan.  And a 360 View of that.

Afterwards, we walked around the Yongdusan Park that is literally right there once you get out of the tower.  Nothing too special here, just a couple of interesting statues and structures, with some interesting plantation design.  Still a nice walk though.  Here’s some pictures that we took!




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