Best. Restaurant. Ever.

Best. Food. I. Have. Eaten. In. Shanghai.

Lost. Heaven.




That basically summarizes this post. It will be how awesome this place is.  Came with the usual suspects, the coworkers.  One of the perks is we do get to try good food, plus it’s in China so it’s really not that expensive.

The restaurant is called Lost Heaven, and is a Hunan restaurant.  Let’s get the logistics out of the way first.  The address is: No 38,Gaoyou Road,Shanghai, and you can find the address in chinese on their website:

Alright. Let’s talk first about the ambiance shall we? The first floor of the restaurant is the waiting / bar area, where you can grab a drink while waiting for your table.


The decor is pretty funky, the seats are really comfortable, and the lighting is quite dark.  Therefore, I was falling asleep while drinking my beer.  Still is a cool place to grab a drink with your buddies.

When your table is ready, the server will bring you to the second or third floor for your table.  I like to repeat, the food is so awesome!


We ordered this chicken dish that had this ginger sauce all over it.  It was so good.

6We also ordered this minced meat lettuce wrap.  It was so good.

We also ordered this pork rib dish. It was so good.

Yes.  This post could have just been me posting pictures up without the words.  It was that good.  Definitely a must go to restaurant when I visit Shanghai again.  Love this place!



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