I am sad.  Me and Pam arrived at Jagalchi Fish Market in hopes of eating some fresh delicious fish.  And it was closed.  =(  FYI, you can pick out fresh fish in this market and then go to the 2/F to get it cooked by the restaurants.  But it was closed.

I really don’t know why, let me google it right now.

I did not find an answer.  So Sad.

Since I don’t want to disappoint you with this post, let’s do this.  I will show you a picture of the market, and I will describe what I ate here anyways.

Picture of the market:


Now, on to what I ate.  Feeling disappointed, we ventured into the nearest seafood restaurant.  At least we ate fish right?  We ordered quite a bit, maybe because we were hoping to indulge in sashimi and fish soup and all other sorts of sea food.

And that’s what we exactly ordered:


My favorite was the fish soup because I am a big fan of soup to begin with.

I really need to learn how to cook.


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