Annual Reflection

Thinking back for 2013
So it’s been a little more than a year since I moved to HK.

Overall the experience was everything I thought of and much more.  The City is really beautiful, although I have yet to really explore it.  I will make it a goal for the upcoming year to do more hiking, more sight seeing, and more exploring of HK.

Part of the reason why I am enjoying life is also because of the job. In an era where it seems like starting your own company is the new “to do” thing, I’m quietly enjoying life in the corporate world.  I am able to work with fabulous people, able to fly to different countries to experience their culture, and get to learn from very intelligent, experience people.

I do miss my Toronto peeps. Partying with out my TO peeps is just not the same.  But..life is not perfect.  Am going to try to go home at least once a year.

But in conclusion, I learned so much more than I expected in the last year.  Really glad i made the decision to move.

Here’s to another year in hk!!!


  1. I was browsing but had the desire to respond to the post. I think “starting your own company is the new “to do” thing” due to the high unemployment rate. Entrepreneurship to me, is about creating something you want to see in the world. The definition varies from people to people. Just a random thought.

    Congrats on finding your passion!

    1. Thanks =)

      Unemployment rate is a factor, but I think people nowadays are more driven too? I just don’t know if people are doing it for the fame, because it’s the cool thing to do at the moment, or because they are really passionate about what they are trying to do.

      For me, traveling, learning new experiences, and meeting people are the major motivators in my life. It just happens the job pays for that.
      Kudos to those that are able to start their own company though! As i grow older and goals change I’ll probably venture into that realm as well.

      Hope all is well Joyce =p.

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