Roman Bath.  Where the Romans bathed. Romans LOVED to Bath.  This is the equivalent of today’s sauna or community center.  Wealthy, powerful romans would come here on a daily basis (sometimes up 3 times a day) just to take a bath.  There would be a gym here, a place for massages, and of course a place to take a bath.


The Romans were surprisingly clean.  Or so I was told.  But this isn’t just a place to clean yourself.  They would hold political meetings here, business meetings, and also hold parties with friends and families.  And yes, men and women would bathe together.  In the same room.  Damn.  I would’ve loved to live a Roman lifestyle =ppp.

Pretty awesome site.  I sat on the first look just people watching for about an hour before I hopped back on the tour bus.  It is quite relaxing, since it was a sunny day with a breeze.  I really need to go to Rome. I love this kind of stuff.  Anyways, some more pictures for your eyes:


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  1. Actually, when I wrote Oct1-Dec21st, I should added 2010, and then wrote, that would be the first quarter _for_ 2011 (if I figured it right). Inaccurate tynwpg/iriting in my first note, aside, the questions still stand — and I remain on the edge of my seat, awaiting any answers. Thanks, again!

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