Dishoom is a Bombay (indian) Cafe that is situated in London.  Colleague recommended it so we decided to head there for brunch.  The weather wasn’t that nice as it was pretty gloomy (London weather is like that constantly) so I was a bit bummed.  Thank goodness we went here though as it brightened up my day!  The food that is served here isn’t your typical indian food.  I would say it’s more Indian / Western fushion.  As you can tell my from my picture, we ordered the Bacon wrapped in Naan.  Delicious.  The portion was just right as I didn’t have to over eat just to hit to the spot.


I wouldn’t know how to get there again since I wasn’t really paying attention to the roads, although I think you probably need to take the tube.  The website for the restaurant is as follows:

The decor inside was what you would expect of a Cafe.  Very homey, a lot of wood furniture, a patio, and of course a quiet environment where you can have a nice chat.  We chatted about life here, which is interesting because everyone always have a different opinion on it.   Anyways, food was great, atmosphere was great, service was great.  Drop by if you want to have a cup of coffee or brunch!


  1. It’s a nice place to hangout – but I agree with you, if you want traditional Indian food, there are other places to try in London! One place that I love (which isn’t traditional either) is the Cinnamon Club (Westminster) / Cinnamon Kitchen (Liverpool Street). They do amazing dishes and great lunch offers. If you haven’t been, you should give it a go!

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