I have been failing in finding good food in Guangzhou,and without local help I must say it is going to be difficult.

 Being very desperate, I tried this beef noodle place near my hotel, called Master Kong Chef’s Table restaurant, or in chinese 康师傅私房牛肉面.


In chinese, there were the letters “beef noodles” and since I am avid lover of this type of dish, I couldn’t pass it up.  Boy was I glad I gave this place a try.  Now, I know it’s a chain restaurant, and people may frown on that right away.  Or maybe it speaks volume that I haven’t been able to find anything good in GZ!

Anyways, I ordered a beef noodle dish that is in mala sauce.  Usually I don’t like mala sauce because it numbs my tongue too much, but after a rainy night I wanted something spicy.  So i ordered it!  Here’s the breakdown:

The noodles were not tough, just right.  Soup was spicy but manageable.  The beef, not too tough not too tender!

One word, awesome!  I wasn’t able to find their website ( don’t think they have one), but they do have locations throughout Guangzhou I believe.  The one I went to was near the Guangzhou East Rail station, so if you are having trouble finding the restaurant just go to this one!


Took a picture of the inside, but it’s not anything too special or unique.  But hey, it’s clean! Master Kang Chef’s Table, two thumbs up!

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