What I know about women (sort of)

Women. Sophisticate and Complicated.  It never ceases to amaze me the apparent differences in hobbies and ways of thinking between man and woman. Just on top of my head there are three major interesting differences.


Firstly, most (I wouldn’t say all) females are in love with the sport called shopping.  Where guys like to see baskets get scored or touchdowns get made, girls love to see sales.  It’s like a game to see where all the stores are, find that big sale and then go through all the items to find the right one.  You see that big couch in the middle of the store? That’s for the guys who have bee decimated and beaten.  I can play basketball for hours.  I can not last shopping with a girl for more than one hour.  I just don’t get the concept as to why we need to walk around the entire mall to look for one item.  For guys, we go to the mall when we need something.  We go in, lock down the store that has our required item, we go in we purchase and we leave.  Simple. hahah.

Next, I find that girls love to share food.  Now, I don’t mind sharing.  Really.  But it depends on the situation. If I am at a Tapaz place, of course we should share! That is the point of the whole experience!  But…if we are at a dam steak house, then why should I be sharing this delicious 12 pound striploin with mashed potatoes and mushrooms?  If i wanted to share I would’ve ordered salad at a steakhouse.

Females, in general love to plan. Go on vacation with a girl has it’s perks.  They will plan for everything, and me being a lazy bum don’t have to do much work.  But sometimes, you girls take it too far.  A itinerary can go like this:

10AM – Wake up -> Finish breakfast at 11AM -> Get out by 1130AM – walkaround untill 1PM –> Find a restaurant to eat lunch till 2PM –> Go to the washroom for 10 minutes –> Take pictures for five minutes but no more–> Rush to the bus stop –> Must hop on the bus that is 10 minutes earlier –> Must shop for 3 hours –> You can grab a beer for 10 minutes after –> Dinner –> Sight seeing and picture taking again –> Must go to the hotel and sleep.

Hahah, granted it’s not that bad.  But sometimes, I just like to go with the flow and just make it up along the way you know?

hehe that’s all! It was fun writing this!

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  1. Hahaha…the itinerary is so funny! I identify with the first 2 for sure…Not a planner myself, but have friends that do love planning.

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