2015 Resolutions (Yes lameeeee)

Well, new years resolution.  I know, you write it, and then you forget it.  Well, let’s write it anyways.  Try my best to follow it haha.

I am currently reading this “how successful people grow” book by John Maxwell, and as I read along I jotted down a couple of awesome quotes that I will use as a resolution goal.


“Create a positive life stance.  We can not control what happens in life, but we can control our attitude”

Action – Say more positive things everyday than negative things.  About everything, and I mean everything.  If it’s negative, don’t say it!

“Designing your life is more important than your career”

I read a lot of online articles about what successful people do (business people), and one similar attribute is that they all wake up really early in the morning.  I am going to try to change this in my life.

Albeit it’s really hard because I love to sleep in, but I will do this via baby steps.

Action – Sleep by 10PM, and wake up at 630 every morning, with the goal of 6AM.  Result? Get to work by 815AM.

“Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not come.  We only have today.  Let us begin”

Live in the moment, and don’t be worried about anything else =)

Action – Keyword, Carefree.

I also have some other small goals, such as work out and cook and cutting out coke out of my life.  But those I have been doing already so won’t bother going into it too much.

Why am I writing this to the masses?  Well for one, by publishing this it’s going to keep me on track knowing that I have made this resolution openly, in the public.

Hopefully I will follow through, and not fail miserably lol.

Here’s to a great 2015!!



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