I love Korean food.  Don’t mind the kimchi, love beef, can’t get enough of the soup.  So what do you do when you mix the three? You get Kimchi Jigae!!  Now, I totally forgot the restaurant that we went to for this dish, but this dish is popular so you can find it anywhere in Seoul / Korea anyways.


It’s a bit chilly in Seoul right now, so this Kimchi Jigae (kimchi beef soup) is a great choice for this kind of weather!  It’s hot, but no spicey hot.  The beef is drowned in Kimchi taste which is perfectly fine with me.  You also get to add a package of ramen into the soup, which in a way reminds me of instant noodles.

But better.

And to top it off, for you carb lovers, each person gets a bowl of rice!! Yes…needless to say I was super full from this meal.

Don’t remember the name of the restaurant (it was in Korean) but took a shot of the inside anyways.


You sit cross legged, and the table is quite low.  I guess that just means I had an authentic Korean meal =p.  Another favorite dish for mine is Budae Jigae, which literally means army soup.  Will blog about that one day.

Another shot of this dish!!


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4 replies

  1. That looks pretty tasty. Grew up on that stuff.

  2. This is definitely the dish to get right now. It is absolutely freezing in Seoul! This post inspired me to get some kimchi jigae for lunch 🙂

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