How to tell when a relationship is coming to an end…

Ah, the end of the relationship. We’ve all been there. But sometimes, we stubbornly do not let go. What’s worse, is that there are all these signs that indicates it’s time to move on, yet we are so blinded we miss all of it. Or maybe it’s because we choose to ignore it? Regardless, I thought it be fun to jot down some indicators that you should look out for!

Looking bored. This is a big one. When your partner is bored, it’s a sign that the relationship is stagnant. It’s up to you to spice it up! Change up the routine, do some surprises, anything that would change the status quo. It’s normal for us as humans to leave things that are a bore of us, because we are just naturally attracted to exciting things, things that challenge us. We always try to predict something that is unpredictable. It’s just in our nature to do it.


Doesn’t answer your calls / messages.  Let’s be honest, remember that time when you were still chasing that boy / girl? And they were interested?  They would reply you calls / messages fairly quickly. Why? Because they want to talk to you! They are interested.  But when your significant other is well, doesn’t think you as significant anymore, they tend to not answer calls quickly.  Or at all.

Spending little to no time together is a big sign that, well things aren’t going well.  I don’t need to explain this point too in depth.  If you like that person, you want to spend more time with them.  If you don’t like them, well you want to do other things.  Simple.

One word answers.  I absolutely hate this.  Seriously, don’t do this.  If you don’t want to talk, just say so. Haha, yes, no, I don’t know are not answers to a question! Of course, I’ve gotten my fair share of this, and trust me it’s not pretty with how I respond.  I think the least you can do is tell the other person you don’t want to talk.  Or just man up (woman up?) and tell them things aren’t going well.  Either way, this is a badddddd sign.

When you see these signs, then assess the situation.  If you think you can fix it then try,  if not then don’t waste your time.  He / She is obviously not the one, and you deserve to focus your time and energy on someone that is worth it!

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