Hong Kong


My first ever color run!  I really don’t know what the purpose and objective of this run is still….let me google it. Ah it’s to promote healthiness, individuality and happiness.  That’s cool.  So Justin, Hongmin, Joyce and myself attended the first ever Color Run in Hong Kong on December 7, in the morning.


Not a big fan of waking up in the mornings, on a weekend.  And especially on a Sunday where it’s my zen day.  But since this was a unique experience I will live with it.

We took the MTR alllll the way to Asia Expo, which is just past Hong Kong airport.  Yes far, took me about one hour to get there.


Once we arrived, we saw a big line up.  Of course, the line up was for the runners to start running.  Afterall, this was called the color run.  We dropped our bags off, waited around for some more people and then off we went!

At first I thought the run would be like any normal 5K runs, where I will continue to run while being drowned in color powder.  We did run, for the first 15 minutes.  Then we stopped.


Because we were too busy throwing paint powder at each other.  haha.  Let’s see some of the aftermath photos shall we?



Yes it’s fun.  Not sure if I will do this again though.  I think this is a one off kind of experience.  I particularly did not enjoy having to wash off the paint at home. Made a mess out of everything.  It was still fun so if you guys want to go again definitely go for it!

And if you’ve never been, highly recommend it!


  1. Looks like great fun – but I did see several contestants with still colorful faces in the evening, so it must have been really tough to get the colour off afterwards!

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