Honeybread is now my favorite desert of all time.  We stumbled upon this great desert while cafe hopping in Busan.  At first we were like…huh?  Honey Bread?   Curiosity got the best of us so we ordered it.

Boy were we glad that we did.


The bread itself was a bit sweet, which was fine with us.  The bread was also toasted a bit to give it that crispy feeling.  Finally, you will top it off with some cinnamon and caramel flavoring to give it that extra  umph.  This was so good.

Didn’t do my weight any good since this is pure sugar and carbs but we were on vacation so what the heck! Let’s eat it anyways.

I really want to make this, but first I have to find out where to buy this type of bread in Hong Kong…..that can serve to be challenge in itself….Will let you all know when I do make it.

Short post =)


      1. Yes, like you we have to figure out first where to buy this type of bread hihi. But we just google for the recipe..Think we are going to make this soon! Cant wait to try hihi 😀

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