Night market, the lifeline of Taiwan (sort of). To be honest I am a bit worn out from night markets, as the food typically doesn’t suit me.  But, I am in Taiwan.  So I shall go.  And I did.

Jumped into a cab and told the driver to bring me to a local night market (no more shilin).  So we ended up in the Ning Xia night market.


Now this night market is quite small, but there were a lot of locals so I assumed the food here was pretty legitimate.  Walked through the entire market in about 30 minutes, and finally decided to sit in this “restaurant” that served beef, beef soup, beef rice etc.


Therefore, I ordered beef soup, beef + veggies and rice.  It was pretty good, although I was there more for the atmopshere.  It was very crowded, but very lively as well.  It’s interesting how the night market is so huge in Taiwan, yet you won’t find this in Hong Kong (or China for that matter).  Got to say though, the Taiwanese know their food well.3

After my meal I walked around some more and bought a fruit juice, or water melon juice for those that need details about my life.

It did not taste like watermelon.

Hence I did not take a picture, and hence you will not see the picture uploaded here in this post.

Getting here was easy, if you are in a cab.  Just tell the driver you want to go to “Ning Xia Road”.  Or you can just download the above picture and show it to the driver. happy eating!

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