One evening I was craving for beef noodles, but since I was living in the middle of nowhere (sorry Zhongshan district folks) I thought this would be a challenge.  With the assistance of my helpful hotel concierge, I was able to locate a local beef noodle place just five minutes from my hotel =)

Little did I know, the Jin Chuan Fa restaurant has been around for a long, long time and is a well respected local eatery.  They have many branches in Taiwan I believe, so just google it to find one near you.


Sometimes luck is on my side.

So what did I order?  Beef Noodles.  Now the portions were not that big, so I had to order another side dish.  Which was beef.


The menu for this whole restaurant was just beef so you have to order that.  There are a couple of veggie dishes, but why eat veggies when you can eat beef.  There was beef soup, beef tendon, beef noodles, veggies with beef etc etc.  You get the point.

This is a pretty old school restaurant, highlighted by their not so subtle sign inside the restaurant:


The chinese translation is literally “hundred year old restaurant”.  Now that’ s a long time.

I liked the beef noodles here.  The broth was tasty, meat was soft not too tender.  Only “beef” (haha I know not a funny pun) that I had was the portion (small), but like all good things in life it should come in small doses.  Ciao.


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