Gastro pub in Shanghai!  This was not my first time here, but obviously I did not write about this awesome place last time.   How did we find this place?  Well we didn’t.  Someone brought us here for drinks, so we never really tried the food.  Don’t remember why we decided to get food here, maybe because we were sick of all the food around the hotel haha.


The chicken is what I ordered.  It was okay……the meat was not as juicy as I hoped it would be.  It was a recommended dish by the restaurant so I guess you have to check it out.

I probably should you some directions on how to get here….don’t think they have a website (not per google, maybe I should have tried Baidu) but at least Liquid Laundry were listed in timeout shanghai:

KWah Centre,
2/F, 1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu,
near Donghu Lu

That’s the address, in both english and chinese.  Yep, just show it to the cabby.

Once you arrive you will see this awesome sign that says “Liquid Laundry” (duh)


Anyways, aside from the chicken we also ordered a salad and fries in that order:


eh…the salad looks a bit disgusting eh?  Yeah it was…didn’t really enjoy that’s why I didn’t bother eating much of it haha.

Was also craving some soup..so ordered the chicken noodle soup.  Ya this soup was pretty good:


Nothing like the ones I’ve had in Toronto though (i.e. Tim Hortons).

In conclusion, this place was made for drinking, not for eating.  So really what you should do, is order drinks get a bit tipsy and then get some thing on munch on.  Because everything just tastes so much better when you are…a bit tipsy =p

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