2015 Ponders



May 1- It’s not how much you can get hit, its about how hard you can get hit and still keep moving forward

May 3 – Coke used to grow and sell shrimp!

May 4 – Have something or someone that reminds you, life is simple.  I need to find that.

May 5 – Leave the legacy thinking behind.

May 6 – Keep at it!

May 7 – babies may not like breast milk/ nipples HUH???

May 9 – 16 winds of mahjong is awesome.  Next goal…24….

May 10 – Gold produces nothing.  It generates not revenue, it’s value is determined by other people, during times of crisis.  Yet people keep investing in them.  Why not invest in a farm, real estate, businesses instead? – Warren Buffet

May 11 – I am not a genius.  I am smart in some spots though.  I will stay in those spots – Thomas Watson

May 13 – i get so tired easily……

May 17 – Encourage and support them

May 19 – just go with the flow

May 20 – be patient / #knowyourrole

May 24 – Have separate bathrooms

May 25 – was Shakespeare a fraud?

May 28 – drink more warm water

May 30 – Need to do a better job in saving money!


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