Everything on the bund is so expensive.  But I guess you are paying for the view, and the atmosphere.  Okay it’s cool.  We went to this italian restaurant called Mercato, located at “three on the bund”.

For those that don’t know, three on the bund is the actual building.  The building is number 3, by the bund. Simple simple.

I was tempted between the pizza and the pasta.  The eternal struggling between to big carb players.



I ended up with the pasta.

But the girls were nice enough to give me a slice of their pizza. was more like two slices… but it’s because it was so good.

I have been told this restaurant is good, not only for it’s food but also bang for your buck.  Located near the bund, it’s definitely one of the more affordable restaurants there.  So if you are tight on money but still want to go to a restaurant with a good atmosphere then this is a good place to visit.


I just found this picture…..who ordered this dish!?!?!


Looking back at these pictures…they look really crap.  It is probably my iphone.  But it’s also because the lighting is pretty dark in that restaurant.  I think I should bring a flash light next time just so that I can take clearer pictures.

Or i should get a nicer camera.

Something I have been talking about since…forever..haha.

Anyways, good times at Mercato.

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