So I have been living in Hong Kong for 4 years now.

It also means I have not been to the CNE for at LEAST four years! If you ask a local, you might not get the same enthusiastic response compared to someone that has not been in forever…but I was really excited when I finally was in Toronto during the CNE.


The Canadian National Exhibition (aka CNE) is a two week event where you get indulge in very unhealthy food, expensive rides and games, and all the shows that comes with it! Yes I know that was a pretty shitty introduction to the CNE, and you probably are a bit turned off by it.


But you should still come because the atmosphere is awesome! Coming to CNE, my must play game is always the “over and under” game, i.e. you roll two dies, and if the total is greater than 7 then you win money (1:1 payout). My strategy is to always put it on over. Haha, I always end up with a profit so even though the chances are 50/50, it just always happens to be over for me!




Another aspect of going to the CNE is to eat all the unhealthy food. On that particular day we had Jerk Chicken, Poutine, and oh did I mention 99 cent tacos?


Haha fuck yes sign me up.


We had the above foods for lunch, walked around some more, saw some animals and took some more pictures. Near the end of our trip we passed by this rib place….Ribs you say? Fuck yeah!


Fuck the one we lined up for took forever though. I literally waited for 30 minutes for our ribs….and to be honest it’s not as good as the ones in Sydney. I give a lot of love to Hurricane Ribs lol.

I missed the EX!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 13, 2016

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