Hong Kong


Ahh…one of my loves in life.

Hot and sour soup noodles!



Just how I fucking like it.

Add some noodles to to the soup?

That’s a delicious meal right there.

Gu Ma Ma (or Mama Gu?) was where I had lunch one afternoon. It’s located in Tai Hang so yeah had to take a cab from the office.

Had to come here since Le GF was going away for a couple of weeks.

Trying to be responsible you know?

Trying to be caring you know?

Trying to be understanding you know?

And I was rewarded for being responsible! For being caring! For being understanding!

Rewarded with delicious food that is =)

What she ordered. Some rice dish.

Not to brag….

but I thought my noodles were MUCH better =)

Shit. These dumplings were sooooo good. We shared this dish, but next time I might eat the entire dish myself plus just the hot and sour soup (i.e no noodles).

Love this restaurant. Will be coming back, back to Gu MaMa!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 18, 2016

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