Short post on Yongsan Family Park.

Wasn’t planning to visit here since I didn’t know this place existed. But after a visit to the National Museum of Korea, I saw this sign that said “Yongsan Family Park”.


Only 300meters away? Sign me up!

A big grass field including a refreshing pond and well-organized paths make visitors excited at Yongsan Family Park. Yongsan Family Park spans an area of 90,000 pyeong (297,520.66㎡) in what was the former golf course of the Eighth US Army Division and after that the park was scaled down the size to 27,000 pyeong (89,256.20 ㎡) following the construction of the National Museum of Korea on November 15, 1997. The park is comprised of various facilities such as a 2km-walking path, a natural education site, Taegeukgi Park. Visitors can watch pigeons and wild pheasants living the park.

Wow….it used to be the former golf course of the Eighth US Army Division…..Spoiled army people….golf course…yes that will help defend against enemies for sure they going to be so scared with your super crazy talented golf skills..



If you are asking what the National Hanguel Museum then you are in luck because I googled this shit to decide if it was worth a visit. It’s calligraphy. History of Korean calligraphy…yeah..not my I decided to go to the park…

The park…was a very small park…expected it to be a bit bigger…especially since this park is being advertised on the government website.

Good thing about being small? Not a lot of people would be coming. Which is great, especially if you have a book you can read.


Something I can’t find in Hong Kong.




Not sure what the hell this is supposed to look like…is this supposed to be art? Can I climb on it? are we supposed to set it on fire during the night and camp around it?? someone explain the significance of this.


We all have our roads we have to walk. Just remember to take a second to take in the surroundings.


Leaving this blog on a emo note.


Written from Seoul, Coffee Brown Cafe on March 19, 2017

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