Now this is a surprise.

Usually you won’t find good food at Darling Harbour (with the exception of Hurricanes of course).

You know, it’s a tourist area…so everything will be overpriced and not too tasty.

Typical tourist area.

But if it’s a tourist area then you should expect to get ripped off right…

Man was I ever surprised at my awesome meal at this restaurant called “Adria“!



I believe we had to order a set dinner because there was like 10 of us. Don’t know why. Maybe it was cheaper? Easier to settle the bill? I have no idea.

I didn’t organize it so whatever.

For starters I chose the prawns and DAMNNN they were BIG AND GOOD. Usually when you order prawns they are small as hell and aren’t that good.

So yah I already knew it was going to be a GOOD NIGHT.


I ordered the salmon for mains. fucking delicious again. I didn’t get the meat because Le GF said I eat too much meat.

Who says that anyways?

But I happily obliged….



This was a shitty photo on my part so I greyed it out haha.

Sorry. Shaky hands.

Overall, awesome dinner at Adria!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 4, 2017


  1. wow really! I am so surprised. I completely agree that the only value for money place is Hurricanes at Darling Harbour! but seeing this I might have to check out this place!

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