Last time I am ever going to a celebrity owned restaurant (this is probably a lie).

But seriously. I swear they know people will come because of the name, so they don’t really give two damns about the quality of the food nor quality of their service.

This is the second time I’ve been to a restaurant owned by this Korean celebrity Kang Ho Dong (the other restaurant was chicken and beer), and seriously I must say your restaurants sucks major balls. Why did I even choose to try this restaurant…I already got burnt once…why get burnt a second time…BaekJong restaurant you are a major let down.


First reason why this place is sh*t. The portions are damn small.

Seriously. This was all the beef I got. for 12 f*cking dollars. Seriously.

12 fucking dollars. Get the hell out of here man.

Tourist trap 100%.



Where’s my garlic?

Come on! Even your sides are not up to par.

I know this is located in Myeongdong which is full of tourists, so they may not be as well versed in Korean cuisine as other people, but come on! At least try a little bit…seriously, these side dishes are so sad.



Black and white. Just how I was feeling at that time.

And how I am feeling about it right now as I am writing this.


Also got pork because the beef wasn’t going to fill me up.

The pork was pretty good….actually. But this doesn’t matter because the service is shitty as a motherf*cker.

I know, you are busy, you are tired, you probably hate your damn job. Don’t take it out on the customers though. Most Korean restaurants that I’ve been to the service was superb. But for whatever reason the employees at these “celeBrity” restaurants think they are the shit and think they don’t need to serve. Nobody smiled. I don’t need you to look like you are happy to see me but hey at least have some positive attitude, don’t just throw my dish down and look at me like I am idiot.



The part that really pissed me off was when I tried to ask what the f*ck is this yellow goo shit on the side the grill, they looked at me like I am a retard and said “egg”.

Okay. Well first of all fuck you. Maybe someone should have told me in the beginning, and fine maybe I am a dumb ass but don’t give me that stare you shitty piece of crap go find another job if you hate your life so much.

Never coming to Kang Ho Dong’s restaurants again.

Good luck in the future.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 2 2017

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