I really wanted to visit St. Peter’s church because I have been told it gives a gorgeous view of Munich.

This was very true.

But man I had to fucking work for this view.


I couldn’t find the entrance!!

Like literally, I walked around the building for 30 minutes and couldn’t find it! I was about to give up……I walked back to Marienplatz to grab a drink…and then for whatever reason I walked back to the church again..And BAM! There was this entrance. A small ass entrance that is.


You would think the ticket office / entrance will be more grand, and not look like some postal office or something.

Anyways. It was only 3 Euros, so cool.

“The Kirche St. Peter (“Church of St. Peter”) is one of Munich’s landmarks, the oldest parish church in the city, and is known affectionately by the locals as Alter Peter (“Old Peter”). The church stands on a hill called Petersbergl, which is the only noteworthy elevation within the Munich’s historic Old Town.

Copied this from the official website.

Here’s another interesting fact from the website:

If you want to enjoy a view of the entire city center from the tower of St. Peter’s parish church, you must first climb no less than 299 steps. Once you reach the top, the panoramic view of Munich’s center makes up for the effort. When the weather is very good, the view even reaches to the Alps.

Wait what? 299 steps? oh fuck me..

The never ending stairs….I was dying…




So out of shape.

But it really is worth once you see the gorgeous views!





Definitely a must visit if you are Munich.

Time to rest my fat ass though.


Written from Le Meridien, Munich on December 5, 2016


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