I wanted to eat healthy on a Saturday afternoon.

So after hours of researching (not kidding you) I decided to go to this restaurant called SomTum Der. They are famous for their papaya salad, so sure why not. Let’s try to lose some weight.

PLUS it’s close to the Lumpini Park which was on my to do list. So double score. Alright let’s get on with this POST!
As mentioned above, I got their Papaya salad  which to my surprised consisted of vermicelli noodles.  I probably should have done more research on the food I eat but eh what are you going to do. Waiter asked me if I wanted it spicy. Duh, of course I want it spicy! Spice me up yo!

Huge mistake, shit was super spicy and I was dying.




That being said, I absolutely LOVED the dish. It was so refreshing. NO MEAT and I STILL liked it? Come on what is the world coming to? Although my taste buds were on fire I just couldn’t stop eating it.


But because I was dying like crazy from the spice I had to order a thai styled iced tea. I think it’s thai styled because it was a bit salty? Don’t know but drinking that shit made me feel like I am in heaven.


Now, you know I had to order some meat right? This man ain’t going to be full from just salad…so I ordered the fried chicken thigh hahaa. AND IT WAS SUPER GOOD TOO. God I love this place.

Crispy, flavorful and juicy. Just like chicken supposed to be. PLUS that sauce that you see, super good and SUPER spicy. Taste buds be dying but whatever.



Loved this place. Glad I did some research beforehand otherwise I might have ended up in a shitty ass restaurant!


Entrance of the restaurant
Cozy little place
Nice and Quiet


Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 18, 2017

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