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We got up early on Sunday morning to have breakfast at Farm Gate Market. This is a farmers’ market held in the centre of Hobart every Sunday with local fresh produce and food. Being deprived of fresh, quality and affordable produce in Hong Kong (most fruits, veggies, meats are imported) this was on my list of ‘must-do’s’ in Tassie.

The market is small and compact and definitely a cook’s or a foodie’s heaven. Fresh flowers, herbs and veggies pack the stands.

Farm Gate

Farm Gate

There were also stands selling cooked foods. We were on the lookout for a famous sushi stand but it wasn’t there that day so we went for a bacon and egg roll with a side of hash browns instead. Unfortunately, we wolfed down the food before any photos could be taken but they were both tasty, especially with the special aioli and tomato relish.

The highlight of the market was the lemon curd sourdough donut from Lady Hester. The lemon curd was custardy and tangy and lessened the sweetness of the donut. Cue the photos….

Lady Hester

Lemon curd donut


I wished I had more time to try all the other flavours!

Details of the market can be found on the following links:


  1. Oh the flowers and produce look so colorful and amazing! And those doughnuts are making me drooool. Yum! Sounds like a fun adventures, too bad you didn’t get to try the famous sushi!

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