Developing an affinity for parks.

Love strolling through one during the day with my head phones on, walking around aimlessly.

And on this particular day I decided to go to the Lumpini Park in Bangkok!

The Lumpini park is one of the oldest parks in Bangkok, dating all the way back to the 1920s. Shitttt that’s a long time ago.

The weather was just beautiful that day,  sky was soooo blue (and it was supposed to rain as well).

This park is huge so I took my time walking around, making sure I don’t miss anything. Just leisurly walking through the park, minding my own business.

Then I fucking saw the BIGGEST lizard in my life!

Seriously, I almost died.  Snapped a couple of pictures of them:



The locals acted like nothing. He just armed himself with a rock and threw it at the lizard when they got too close.  These godzilla looking motherf*ckers are called Water Monitors and they apparently are everywhere in this park.

Er okay…..I probably won’t come back next time.  Too scared.

Sky was blue, walk was a great, a bit hot but it ain’t going to mess up with my day. That is until the Godzilla of the park made his introduction.

Lizards scare the shit out of me.



Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 18, 2017


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