I didn’t intend to come here for breakfast.

My plan was to go to this Gastro Breakfast place but when I got there, they were under renovations. Great thanks fuckers.

I walked 30 minutes in the fucking heat just to see your shop be closed.  I am pretty sure I looked at their facebook page and they didn’t mention anything about renovations.

Hungry, sweaty, and tired I quickly googled the nearest cafe. This resulted in me going to the Kuppa Cafe!

Ordered the egg benedict.

Though I don’t usually eat egg benedict. Makes sense? Eat something I don’t usually order. Makes sense to me.

So glad I didn’t go to the other cafe otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to eat this delicious dish. Eggs were fresh, spinach was fresh, asparagus was fresh, ham was fresh. Can’t ask for much more. Love it when things work out =)

Don’t usually drink coffee.

but it’s a Saturday so fuck it, I want to relax. Got a cappuccino and slowly sipped it while I people watched.  Great way to spend a weekend if you ask me!

By the way there seems to be a lot of Kuppas in Bangkok, the one I went to is called “Kuppa 1” (per their website). Haha. Easy to remember yes.








Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 17, 2017

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