I don’t know where this new found love of Museums came from.

But I like going to Museums more than before. Maybe it’s my thirst for knowledge (probably not hah!), or just that I like to kill time at some random place. Whatever the reason, I just like enjoying going to these places now.

One thing I don’t like though, is roaming in the museum with people (i.e. tour guide). Unfortunately I had to go to the National Museum of Philippines with my tour guide (NOT NEEDED).

I just wanted to go through the museum on my own pace. And by that I mean go through the Museum like Superman. Fucking fast. Like a boss.


That being said, it was a treat visiting this Museum. Here are 5 reasons why Choi thinks you should go:

Reason # 1 – It’s Free

That’s right! The Museum is absolutely free! And if there is one thing Choi loves is free shit.

I mean who doesn’t right?

If you prefer to spend money then have free stuff then you are damn weird!

So if you are strapped for cash in Manila but still want to kill time, give this place a look!


Reason # 2 – Learn about Philippines

This museum houses artifacts, art work and portraits that is of significance to Philippines.

You are in the country already, why not learn more about it?

Traveling in my opinion is not just about eating and seeing tourist sites (though I definitely like the food part!), but it’s also about learning the history and culture of the country.

Again. My opinion.


Reason # 3 – Cool Artwork

Not a huge art buff, but I do appreciate a good piece of work when I see one.

There are a lot of cool pieces of art / photos/ sculptures here. Snapped the ones that I wanted to share with you:




Reason # 4 – It’s a good time killer

Let’s face it.

We all have traveling days where we need fillers i.e. things to kill time with.

Well this museum is definitely a good place to go to.

It’s huge, you will spend at least 2 hours if you properly analyze each piece of work here. Which I didn’t so I only spent 1 hour here, but trust me. It’s huge.



Reason # 5 – Good place to rest (because of the air conditioning)


Hey this is important. Manila is hot as fuck and if you are tired, you just want a chilled place to relax in right? Well this is the place to be!

I can vouch for the air conditioning, you will enjoy it here.



Although my tour guide did a so-so job in explaining this shit to me, I still enjoyed my time here.

So I definitely recommend this museum to anyone visiting Manila.

Just don’t get a tour guide.

You don’t need it.



Written from Manila, Conrad Hilton on September 18, 2017

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