Koh Samui


FINALLY – a good resort in Koh Samui!

Why did Choi say such a thing?

Because all the other resorts were either a FAIL, or just barely passed our expectations (maybe unfair expectations to be fair).  So let’s do a recap:

Sea Dance – Cute rooms, great service, small pool, outdoor washroom (my ass got bit)

Nora Beach- Ants in room, shitty service, shitty internet

Nora Buri – Most annoying resort ever, shitty internet.

So what makes the Anatara so good?

Let’s go through the reasons:

Reason # 1 – Great Service

Seriously this is like the most basic of basics for a good hotel / resort. Your staff needs to be welcoming, warm and helpful to the guests. Especially the guests that just came on a long flight. They are short on patience, and just want to go through a speedy check in process.

Anatara did all this for us, with exceptional english. Again, I don’t need perfect english, but you need to be able to understand simple requests like “late check out” and “where is the washroom.

Good job Anatara on the training.


Reason # 2 – Fabulous rooms

Very cute, comfortable, clean rooms. Life Boss and I both were impressed with our private pool.




I was told though this was a deluxe room. If you get the standard room you won’t get the private pool.

Got it, Life Boss wanted to spend some money so Choi can enjoy himself more.

Or maybe Life Boss just wanted the private pool to herself……

The only rant I have is there were still mosquitoes but eh, you can’t do anything about that. Just mother nature being a motherfucking bitch as usual.


Reason # 3 – Good Food

We decided to eat at the Anatara because 1) We were tired 2) The entire Koh Samui island ran out of power (hah!).

So we went to their bar / restaurant and ordered food.

  • My prawn pad thai. Why did I order pad thai? Because we are in Thailand! Although not the best pad thai I have had, this was still good and passable. Untitled
  • Stir fry vegetables. This was all Life Boss ate. Next. Untitled
  • Our fries that we shared. Crispy, hot just like how fries were meant to be eaten. Completely satisfied with these fries. Untitled

I didn’t try their breakfast because I was fasting but Life Boss says it’s not bad, although it’s not as good as the Anatara Chiang Mai (ENTER LINK).

Reason # 4 – Massage was GREAT!

Okay – I have to confess maybe I love the Anatara because we had a really GOOD massage.

I got the body scrub + thai massage.

Body Scub Choi?

Yes, the legitimate ones. Please do not think dirty.


I wanted to get a scrub down because I felt dirty from all the travel / activities we have been doing.

And then I wanted the Thai Massage because I wanted to get stretched out. Choi has been feeling very tight lately, not sure why. So this was a great welcome to his body.

Stretch me please!

Reason # 5 – Beautiful and big beach!



Finally a beach we are proud of! The other resort beaches were so small that I probably couldn’t lie down there (okay exaggeration but you get the point).

This one is just nice, big and beautiful! Life Boss and I enjoyed walking on this beach taking romantic photos (hah!).

That’s right, Choi is a damn romantic.

The pool was also nice but we didn’t spend much time in it since we were always on the BEACH!



Overall, Anatara is a great resort in Koh Samui.

Great Service, clean rooms, private pools, good food means Choi will recommend this to his asshole friends!

Written from De Nang, Pullman Resort on June 4, 2018


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