Hey fuck you Bay Brothers Surf n Turf.

You shitty ass surf and turf restaurants.

I should put that in quotations, “surf and turf” because lord knows your surf and turf is shit.

God, what a horrible dining experience. Per their facebook page they have a pretty good ratings.

Must have been the owner pumping up the ratings because the food was super shit.

Sat down and order the surf and turf, because this restaurant is called surf motherfucking turf. The menu says it serves 3 people.

Get the fuck out of here.

It does not serve 3 people ass hole. It is more like an appetizer.

And the steak? oh my gosh, the steak was tough.  The steak was NOT GOOD AT ALL. DON’T ORDER THE STEAK.

The shrimp was alright, marination not bad.

But small as fuck.

I am honestly giving this place too much exposure. I should not have any pictures at all.

What a waste of time, Bay Brothers Surf and Turf my ass!


Okay interior


This shit look like it serves three people?


Does this even look appetizing?


Empty as fuck


Shitty Menu


Bay Brother Wasted my time

Written from Manila, Conrad Hotel on September 14, 2017

Categories: Manila

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  1. Phew. This blog saved me!!! Was planning to take my brother here for his birthday. LOL.

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