Vang Vieng


Life boss can’t eat spicy food.

Which is a dilemma for Choi because he loves his spicy food.



So when we decided to go to Happy Mango (a pretty damn good restaurant) a Laos / Thai restaurant in Vang Vieng I immediately knew Life Boss’ mouth was going to be on fire.

I mean it’s Thai Food,. that shit is supposed to be spicy.

So why did you guys go there Choi?

Because Life Boss wanted to go to a restaurant with a lot of people, which signals there is high turnover in the restaurant.  And to her credit the restaurant was quite full:


Really Choi? This shit looks empty.

Yes. This is my fault, I took this at the end when every one left already. My bad.

my bad

We proceeded to order food…

and needless to say Life Boss mouth was burning with every dish:

  • Papaya salad. Pretty sure Life Boss asked for little spicy. Guess what, little spicy still set her mouth on fire lol. Untitled
  • Tom Yum Gong soup. I love tom yum gong. Too bad life boss didn’t like it, it was burning in her mouth once again. A lot of things seems to be burning in Life Boss’ mouth that night (DO NOT INSERT DIRTY JOKE). Untitled
  • Some pork dish that we got. Again, spicy as fuck for Life Boss. But it was a delicious to Choi. Untitled
  • Chicken Wings. The only dish that as not spicy, so naturally Life Boss cleared that shit out. Untitled

Seriously why can’t life boss eat spicy food? Her dad and mom both LOVE spicy food. Why did that gene not get passed down?

Why must I minimize the spicy level for all the food we are eating in our lives? Why Life Boss? Do you not want Choi to eat good spicy food?


Yep, must cater to life boss taste buds. Otherwise I would gey my ass kicked.

And that won’t be fun.

So guys – does your partner eat spicy food? If not, how do you manage your meals (assuming you love spicy food like me).

I just give up, and let Life Boss decrease the spice level.

I guess I am a gentlemen after all.

Mango Shake – pretty good, no added sugar
Dog acting like he’s the boss

Written from Yangon Best Western on May 31, 2018


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