Our favorite Korean restaurant closed down.

So we went to this other Korean restaurant called Doo Roo Ae or some shit like that. They had good food, but we were getting tired of the shitty service. The old ladies that work there don’t like customers for some reason. Maybe they are super rich or something. But whatever, we were just getting tired of their shit.


And as such, today we decided to try out a new korean restaurant called MaMa Chef.

The reason why we chose to try this restaurant out, is because the name was identical to the our favorite restaurant (which again closed down). Unfortunately we were told these are now the same restaurant. Oh well, we gave this place a shot anyways.

And I was glad we did!


We ordered three dishes (because we are boss):

  • Pork Bone Soup
  • Rice Cakes
  • Beef Ribs

The beef ribs came first and I immediately knew this was going to be one fucking good meal. This shit was damn good!


They marinated these ribs to perfection.

Up next: Rice Cakes!


The rice cakes included fish cakes too! Woot! Win!

I wish this was more spicy, but life boss can’t take spicy so she ordered “Medium” spicy. The waitress probably thought we were a bunch of sissies so they turned this dish to probably a “little to no spicy” dish. Didn’t taste the spiciness what so ever.

Okay. The last dish was the pork bone soup and this did not disappoint either!


This pork bone soup also passed my expectations! Broth was rich and it was hot. Just how I like it.

Life boss did complain that there was too much MSG.

Yeah, she was probably right.

But meh, what can you do. Not many restaurants won’t have MSG right?


One thing I want to bitch about though. I asked for more water and the waitress told me to go downstairs to get it.

What the fuck? Why am I even giving you tips?


It doesn’t make sense…I will still come next time but man if you keep this shit up I am going to leave you as well.

Written from Toronto, Home on March 17, 2019

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