Koh Samui


Welcome to the 2nd installment of Choi’s review of Koh Samui Resorts!

Previously I wrote about Sea Dance Resort and how my ass got bit by mosquitoes.

Would the same happened at Nora Beach?

Nope! Choi’s ass did not get bit in the ass by a mosquito!


However, one could argue something worse happened.

What could be worse than getting bit in the ass?

Okay good point. Probably nothing is worse than that. But what is DAMN annoying is getting very shitty service from a supposedly high end resort!

When we checked in…

We were greeted with not smiles, but with bitch resting faces. I did not feel welcomed at all.

Making matters worse, it seems like the resort just hired a bunch of new people so they did not know what they fuck they were doing. Everything took forever. Even a simple question like “where can I rent a car” takes about 15 minutes to answer.

Not impressed with the service.

Not Impressed

Their english is also terrible.

Listen Choi’s English is pretty shit too (as you can tell from my blog). And I am not expecting you to be a poet or something, and I appreciate it’s hard to learn a second language.

But damn it, you need to know the basics like “I need water” or “I want late check out”.


It’s annoying trying to explain to someone the above for 15 minutes.

This one I don’t blame on the employees themselves.

The hotel needs to provide better training.

There were ants in the room.


Seriously? Ants? Don’t you have house keeping services?

Not even going to continue on this point, Life Boss is going to start getting mad (she was really annoyed at the insect issue).

The pool though is pretty awesome though.

Much bigger than Sea Dance’s.  The beach was also pretty nice too.




There as even a pool bar which Life boss and I visited a couple times. Nothing beats a pool bar. You get to cool down with a drink in hand.

Simply the best.


At least the washroom was in the room.

And not outside where my ass would get bit by a mosquito.

The internet was also shit.

Like what the fuck? we had the same problem at Sea Dance. Does Koh Samui not have a good internet infrastructure?  So damn annoying!


Even though this place has a nice pool and clean rooms..

I will still not recommend this to my asshole friends. The service is just absolutely sub par which ruins your experience here.

Sorry, not coming back to you Nora Beach.

Written from De nang, Pullman Resort on June 4, 2018

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