Vang Vieng



Seriously, just because I am in a south asian country doesn’t mean the pizza can’t be good right? Especially when Vang Vieng is a back packers town, the Western food here is probably better than the local food (concurred by life boss).


With great reviews online, we decided to to IL Tavaolo for our final dinner in Vang Vieng!


I have to rant first.

Because that’s what Choi does best.

What I want to bitch about is the maps on tripadvisor IS NOT UPDATED. Also, the maps you get from the local hotels are also not updated.


I don’t fucking know why people would give you outdated maps. Actually I think it’s because they want to make money so if you paid then you would get an updated map.



We found about this the hard way when we walked all the way across town just to find out they had moved. Fuckers.

So yeah, go on google maps (that one is updated), DON’T TRUST TRIPADVISOR OR THE LOCAL MAPS!

Okay, on to the pizza.

Was the pizza worth the hype? Worth Choi walking all the way there?

Yes, it is worth it. Fuck it is worth it. The dough was so chewy, and it was made fresh from presumably an Italian chef who didn’t look that happy that night.

But that’s okay, I am here to eat your pizza. Not be your best friend.

The pizza was all from the wooden oven, which probably explains why the pizza was so damn good.


  • My hot salami pizza. Definitely one of the best pizzas I HAVE EVER HAD. The dough was so damn chewy! And wasn’t heavy! Like I was fucking eat hair, yet it still had texture. I am doing a really shitty job describing this pizza but just take my word for it, ONE OF THE BEST PIZZAS EVER. image
  • Life Boss’ four seasons pizza. Which is basically everything on the pizza. Pretty good as well. Again dough was damn chewy. She of course couldn’t finish this pizza, but like a man I fucking finished hers as well. Wasn’t even bloated afterwards. Think that’s a sign of a good pizza. image

Man, this meal was so damn good. Maybe because we haven’t had western food in awhile, but this really hit the spot.

So fucking good, so fucking delicious.


Simply yum.


Some people say this pizza was better than the ones in Italy.

I wouldn’t know.

Never been to Italy before. But definitely one of the best pizza’s I have had in Asia, and that is saying a lot. Because Choi eats A LOT OF pizza (hence the fat ass).

If you are in Vang Vieng, you definitely need to give this place a try! And if people give you shit about eating pizza in Vang Vieng, fuck them.

You are going to love the pizza here.

The wine that knocked life boss out
My Ricard, My aperitif, my pastis. Because I am sophisticated.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 6, 2018

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