Eating Japanese food.

This is what I like to eat. It ranks up there with Italian food. Rounding out the top 3 would be junk food, aka any thing with the words fast + food. Harveys, McDonald’s, KFC you name it and I will eat it.

I usually don’t eat japanese food for lunch though, reasons being:

  • Expensive especially when you order the sashimi platter
  • You gotta carb up like mad

Despite these concerns, my staff wanted to try this restaurant out and being a good manager I obliged.

The restaurant was called JaBistro. Their slogan is experience Toronto’s Best Japanese Restaurant. Damn you really confident huh? Their specialty is blow torching the shit out of their sushi, so everything has this charcoal taste to it. The rice was also very soft, it literally melted in my mouth. Don’t think I ever had sushi like this. But then again did I ever eat authentic sushi? Nah, I only go to all you can eats LoL.


Good restaurant, a place where I would like to bring life boss to wow her, but probably won’t repeat because it’s expensive as fuck.

Blow torch that bad boy!

Written from home, Toronto on July 21, 2019


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