Schwartz Sandwiches.

World’s famous smoked meat sandwiches based in Montreal. One of the BEST sandwiches you will ever have. I can guarantee that. How can I guarantee such a thing? Because I went and ate this delicacy! Seriously you all must try if you ever visited Montreal. The smoked meat is done to perfection. You will be begging for more after you finish it. I know I was, wanted to go for seconds but life boss stopped me because of my ever growing belly. Fair enough.

One complaint though. They got shitty ass service. I didn’t know how to order, so asked this asshole how to order he said “You eating in? You sit down”. What a fucking asshole. I wanted to blast him so bad at that moment, but due to me wanting the sandwich so bad that I bit my tongue and sat down. What an asshole. You could be nicer you know.

Sitting by the counter
What a beauty
This sandwich..

Written from Air BnB, Montreal on September 1, 2019

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