We have always wanted to try the Indian Roti House located on Front Street in Toronto.

Why we never went? I have no idea. Procrastination perhaps. We did try going once in the winter, but they were closed for renovations. LoL. I LoL because what the hell did they renovate? When we went it was still sort of sleazy (sorry!). Anyways, it was a friday night, we had no plans but Life Boss did want to eat something saucy. I already had two hot dogs and a slice of pizza for lunch (costco lunch for the win), so I said why not Indian? Yes these don’t add up together. Not sure how I made the connection between the two. I guess I wanted something saucy too.

Anyhow, ordered the butter chicken roti and the chicken tiki masala with rice. Waited for 10 minutes. They had a “patio” which was nice. It was a cool Friday evening. which to me was a perfect summer evening. To life boss this was winter. It’s still August. Come on! She was hangry though so maybe that’s why she was also cold. After a grueling 10 minutes, our food finally came!

Verdict? It was aight. Not sure why people rave about this place on the interweb. We prefer the Indian restaurant at dupont, which for some odd reason I never blogged about. Okay we need to blog about this, must go back. Why did we think it was aight? It wasn’t spicy enough, didn’t think there was enough flavor, not enough MEAT. That was the thing that did it for me in the other place. It was hella saucy though. I don’t know, we just came out of the dining experience not satisfied. We almost bought fries, but luckily we didn’t. We are getting stupidly fat already. Sorry Indian Roti House, won’t be coming back!

Butter Chicken Roti
Our meal
Life Boss meal – chicken tikka masala with rice

Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2019


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