Our first italian dinner!

Life boss did some research (because she is awesome like that), and we decided to go this restaurant called Osteria da Fortunata. What would we order at an italian restaurant? Pasta of course!  I was craving pasta, so this was good for me. I ordered this tomato spicy sauce pasta that came highly recommended by the waiter. It didnt’ have any meat in it, to my disappointment. But the waiter kept pressing me to order so what the hell, let’s go vegetarian.

Which you know is a lie. Choi can’t go into a meal with any meat. So we decided order prosciutto. Because we like that shit a lot. It came, and to be honest it was a bit tough? I don’t know who told life boss this place is a must eat because we certainly did not start off well. My pasta came, and yes it was quite al dente. The sauce was indeed good, but without any meat something definitely was missing. Life boss ordered the oxtail pasta…I thought that dish was only average…had a weird taste to it. Sorry, I think Gusto from Toronto is a lot better!

Our appetizer
Life boss’ oxtail pasta
My yummy pasta though it was missing meat

Written from Positano, Italy, on October 20, 2019

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