Amalfi Coast


Ah Almalfi Coast.

You are supposed to be one of the hardest roads to drive in. Well, I beg to differ because you certainly are not! Compared to road to hana in Hawaii this was a piece of cake. AND I was driving a big ass jeep. AND I was driving manual. So all these other bloggers that are saying this is a very hard road to drive well fuck you no it’s not. What it IS though, is that it’s a fucking beautiful road to drive in. Damn just look at the pictures below. Definitely something out of a postcard. Renting a card in Europe is expensive, but this was damn worth it. If only life boss can learn how to drive manual properly…I can then focus on taking pictures…and sleeping..haha.

Driving to Sorrento
This view….

Written from Positano, Italy, on October 20, 2019

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